Monday, January 30, 2012

Top Ten Ways to Maximize Reimbursements for Autism Therapies by Jodi Bouer, Esq.

Jodi Bouer, Esq. has a practice in Princeton, NJ dedicated to obtaining medical insurance reimbursement and coverage for autism related therapies and treatments. She spoke to our group on Thursday, January 26th at the Rebecca School.

Here is her top 10 list:
1. Get copy of your policy - the 150 pager, not the summary HR gives you!
2. Read it! (oy!)
3. Don't believe anything the insurance company says - check your policy
4. Know which law applies - which state law applies
5. Make claims on a timely basis
6. Support your claim - proper documents
7. Make your appeals timely and per the insurance contract (the policy)
8. Use the right codes
9. Make sure your providers are qualified - have the right licenses, degrees, etc.
10. Be organized and relentless - we autism warriors are all relentless!!!

Here is a link to her full Power Point presentation. Bouer Law Top Ten Ways to Maximize Reimbursements for Autism Therapy

Lots of good information here!