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NAA NYM Rallies to Oppose Forced Vaccinations - Sept. 29, 2009

One Voice
“Stop the Shots!”
“Stop the Shots!”
“Stop the Shots!”
The crowd chanted, making their voices heard, raising their banners.
At the steps of the East Capitol, they gathered – parents, families affected by autism, advocates, lawyers, doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists, leaders, followers...
They came - to the steps of the East Capitol – from Upstate New York, from Downstate New York, from New Jersey, from North Carolina, from where they came, it didn’t matter.
They spoke with one voice, rallying to the cause of Freedom of Choice.
Freedom from forced vaccinations.
Freedom of informed consent.
Freedom to choose what is injected in your bodies.

The Rallying Point
This historic gathering of over 700 healthcare workers, advocates, and families affected by autism spectrum disorders was sparked by an unprecedented regulation promulgated by Health Commissioner Daines to invoke the Emergency Preparation Act 2009. This act requires healthcare workers and pregnant women to be vaccinated with the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine by November 30, or risk losing their jobs. Under this regulation, there is limited to no recourse for vaccine injuries or death sustained as a result of these mandated vaccines.

Forced vaccination!
Risk losing their jobs!
Is that constitutional?

That was the rallying point.
And it was awesome!
Massive turnout. Over 700 people crowded on the steps of the Capitol and the plaza, raising their placards and posters, waving stars and stripes, handing out posters, signing the petition, donating to the legal defense fund, and chanting: “Give me liberty!”
And waiving signs:
“Freedom of Choice should be mandatory”
“My Body, My Choice”
“Got Consent?”
And the sun shone on them.

The media lined up the circle, videos rolling, cameras clicking.

They Speak for the People
The line-up of speakers was remarkable and energizing. Kevin McCashion, President of We The People, Albany Chapter, roused the crowd with his passionate appeal for freedom. Doctors, nurses, and therapists expressed their outrage at the government’s decision to deprive individuals of their right to informed consent. Scientists challenged the safety, efficacy, and lack of sound research to support this decision. Lawyers challenged the constitutionality of forced vaccination. And advocates appealed to the crowd to stand up for their rights, and to fight for their rights.

People’s Voices
Today it is the doctors, the nurses; tomorrow it will be the school teachers…That is medical genocide… we are not living in a totalitarian nation- yet. Gary Null

I won’t tell you what to do, you don’t tell me what to do. Louise Habakus

Promote a goal of healthcare that promotes health, and not public sickness. Mary Coyle

The answer to 1984 is 1776. We are endowed by our creator and not the government. Kevin McCashion

It is like selecting one religion for us. Vaccine is not the only option..Seasonal flu is not an emergency. Alan Philips, JD

How to avoid the flu? Wash your hands. Judy McQueen, RN

Just because the FDA approved it, doesn’t mean it is safe and viable. Deb Gerhardt, RN

Stand up for your rights…contact your legislators, work with the Autism Action Network and National Autism Association’s New York chapter…stay out of my body, stay out of my kid’s body. John Gilmore

Gary Null, PhD, Ralph Fucetola, JD, John Gilmore (activist), Michael Schachter, MD and Heather Walker (Healthcare student and activist) met with the Department of Health officials, and Gary Null reported back on the outcome, at the rally. A copy of the “letter petition” was hand-delivered to the Secretary Deputy Saunders for Governor Paterson.

We have only just begun
A remarkable start to a long journey. It won’t be easy, but together we can overturn this and make history, or rather, preserve our history of freedom.
Let’s make it happen!

This rally was organized by Heather Walker, activist and healthcare student, We the People, Albany chapter organization, with help from the Autism Action Network, Life Health Choices, and many New York state nurses.

Sabeeha Rehman

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