Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Autism Narrative Project – A Theatre Project Giving Voice to Autism

Michael Pizzi, PhD, an occupational therapist and Founder of Touching Humanity, Inc., a community-based not for profit committed to promoting disability awareness through the arts and education is developing a narrative based theatre project to give voice to those affected by autism.

Dr. Pizzi would like to interview 20 to 25 parents (and also some siblings) about their experiences of living with autism. Interviews will likely take only about an hour. These stories (protecting the participants’ identities) would then be woven into a narrative theatre performance.

In creating this narrative project Dr. Pizzi, who is also a performer, hopes to, in his own words, “give voice to those coping with a challenge . . . and raise the level of humanity in the artistic output.” He wants theatre-goers to hear the real experiences of those who face the challenges of living with autism every day and have family members, in their own words, share both the good times and the challenges.

Please contact Dr. Pizzi at if you are interested in participating in this exciting new project.

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