Friday, May 28, 2010

NAA New York Metro Rallies for Dr. Andrew Wakefield

“These parents are not going away.
The children are not going away.
And I am certainly not going away”
Dr. Andrew Wakefield in an interview on “Today” show on NBC, with Matt Lauer

On Monday, May 24th, NAA New York Metro members were at Rockefeller Plaza in a show of support for Dr. Wakefield, as he appeared on the Today show on NBC. That morning, the General Medical Council’s ruling banned him for practicing medicine. The council said he had shown “a callous disregard” for the suffering of children involved in his research. Dr.Wakefield was the first researcher to publish a peer-reviewed study suggesting a connection between autism and the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, and urging the need for further research.

While his interview was being broadcast live on the screens outside, activists and supporters from all over the State, assembled at the Plaza, waving posters:

“Autistics for Wakefield”
“Thank you Dr. Wakefield”.

Dr. Wakefield stayed on message, and referred to the Council’s ruling as a “little bump on the road”. When he emerged from his interview, supporters flanked him and Skyhorse Publishers did a curb-side interview. See Video

Dr. Wakefield’s new book is titled, “Callous Disregard” and was released this week.

See photo album.

Sabeeha Rehman

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