Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Research and Treatments to Restore Language in Children with ASD

Debra Schneider and Mary Coyle with Dr. Harry Schneider

On Oct. 26, 2010, we held the second in a series of lectures by the chapter authors in the new book, “Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism”. Harry Schneider, PhD, MD gave a fascinating presentation on new research and treatments to restore language in children with ASD. Dr. Schneider outlined the reasons why children with classical autism cannot speak the way neurotypical children do. In his soon to be published study on functional neuro-images of the brain, he showed what parts of the brain do not work for language, and the incomplete neural connections in these children. He presented the results of more than four years of treating these children with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Many of his patients are now talking – there are those who can finally state their needs and respond to commands, and those who are ready to return to mainstream education.

When a grandmother of a child with ASD stood up and spoke about how her grandson has recovered his speech, thanks to Dr. Schneider’s treatment, everyone in the audience was touched.

Dr. Schneider is an associate research scientist in the Functional MRI Research Center of Columbia University, having received a fellowship in neuroscience and functional neuroimaging at their Program for Imaging and Cognitive Sciences (PICS). He is in private practice at the Center for Medical and Brain Sciences in Plainview, NY, and uses both conventional and alternative medicine in his approach to the medical care of children on the spectrum. Check the website at:

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