Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dr. Oz Town Hall Meeting on The Causes of Autism airing February 17,2011

Today I got to attend a taping of Dr. Oz's town hall meeting on the causes of autism which will air on February 17th at 3 pm. The Dr. Oz staff encouraged parents to speak up and say something if they felt moved to speak and I, with another NAA parent, were able to make comments. Although the program was about possible causes of autism and included discussions about vaccines, the environment and parental age, the main focus of the show became vaccines--even though several medical doctors and scientists said that the link between vaccines and autism has been disproven there were some doctors who spoke about a slower vaccine schedule.

My comment was "Where is the study comparing unvaccinated children with autism to vaccinated children with autism? Until this study is done we can't say that the science has been done."

Another NAA parent commented: "I come from a family of allopathic doctors. My father is a pediatrician, but my son did not start getting better until we started using alternative treatments like diet, supplements, yoga, and cranial sacral therapy."

Although the show did not bring anything new to light about the causes of autism--at least Dr. Oz allowed a dialogue to happen on his show which included Dr. Sears, who advocates for a slowed down vaccine schedule. Interestingly, Dr. Oz also spoke about how he did a slower vaccine schedule for his own children.

If the science so overwhelmingly says that there is no link between autism and vaccines, why would Dr. Oz slow down the vaccine schedule for his own children?

Until they actually find the cause of autism, vaccines will remain a cause for the many parents who have seen their children spiral downward after routine vaccinations and the many doctors who treat children and see evidence of harm.

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Sabeeha Rehman said...

Kirstin, thank you for posting this. I had missed the show and am delighted that you were there and made your point. I wonder if a clip of the show is available.

JKd said...

Yes, we do need to find out what causes autism, but in the mean time, we need our education system to recognize the need for better methods of helping these children live as normal a life as possible. My daughter is a teacher of children 3-6 years of age with autism. She teaches in a public school in Texas in a district that is strongly considering taking this program apart due to 'budget crunches'. She has been told that her 'babies' will be placed into regular special ed. or behavior units. My daughter has been working with these children for years and has been used as a model teachers for others. She teaches each child on his level and to his abilities and capability. Her 'children' show great progress and are so much better off once they are mainstreamed than children without this service. So, why, are these programs targeted as expendable? Maybe, if more politicians and top school admin. had children with autism, this program would have a chance of surviving. When will we learn that the education of our children should be our top priority or we will be a nation where only children from wealthy families are able to compete. Why is education still one of the first areas to be cut in budget crises? What about cutting the salaries or benefits of Congressmen who continue to give themselves raises while we are cutting teaching positions and asking teachers to take pay cuts?