Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 5, 2011: Vaccine Epidemic Book Talk and Discussion

On October 5, 2011, Mary Holland and Kim Mack Rosenberg, co-editor and contributing editor, respectively, of the book Vaccine Epidemic presented a number of key points from the book on law, science and issues in the debate surrounding vaccine choice and led a lively discussion. N. Chin, a parent who attended the Vaccine Epidemic talk, contributed her impressions:

I have continued to seek knowledge about root causes after my son regressed due to vaccines. The book Vaccine Epidemic contains many revelations about how vaccine safety remains a low priority by those who manufacture vaccines and control immunization policy. I welcomed the opportunity to meet with like-minded parents and professionals for a book discussion on Oct 5.

I will focus on the open discussions following the presentations and the goal of knocking down this 'house of cards' as Mary described. She said it has to be through the legal system and as a human rights issue. Others that evening mentioned how results of objective studies will change opinion.

I have to agree with Mary about affecting change through the legal system. Unless these studies receive air time equivalent to what teens see on MTV with HPV/Gardisil ads, or parents see in Parenting magazine, it is indeed extremely difficult to combat long-held beliefs that vaccines are as natural as “mother's milk.” It is clear that Big Pharma can outspend us and squash the most logical and compelling of studies.

We need to help find legal avenues and budget to knock down this house of cards.
One way is to support the Center for Personal Rights. They mentioned organizing with civil rights organizations as well. I plan to see if a couple of my contacts in DC can offer ideas. If we take the time to check our contacts and make some phone calls, we may just get there.

I wish to end on a hopeful note.

In the book, there is a letter by Dr. Francis Moore, who was a very prominent surgeon at Harvard Medical School. If someone as mainstream as Dr. Moore can be convinced of ill-conceived policy, then I remain hopeful that human reason will prevail.

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