Thursday, June 25, 2009

Erica Rahavy on Relationship Development Intervention

In early June, parents and therapists gathered for another Parent Network Exchange Meeting to learn about RDI (Relationship Development Intervention). Erica Rahavy led the group in explaining how this therapy was developed especially for children on the spectrum. The founder of the approach took the best pieces of many different modalities in child psychology to create RDI. From what we understood it is a way of dealing with your child that builds onmany of the skills that happen to be core deficits in children on the spectrum such as emotional reciprocity. It is similar in some ways to Floortime in that you really try to engage your child. For example, you can take an activity like folding the laundry and make it a bonding and emotional experience for you and your child. Erica recommended that you first find a professional guide to work with you and your family. They will tailor a program specifically for your family and individual child.

One parent who has used this therapy, Susan Raitt, shared her experience and delivered other general information about RDI in a very parent friendly way. She also recommended some good books for those parents that are interested to find out a little more. I think most of us walked away at least intrigued by what this therapy has to offer. I know personally that it peeked my interest,since it is so parent based. My husband and I are always looking for ways to connect better with our son. Most of the other therapy he receives is addressed at his individual needs rather than interaction with those around him. I will definitely be one of the parents reading up some more on it and possibly trying it out.

Dara Berger

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