Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Picnic At Muscoot Farm

Mother Nature and the Staff of Muscoot did a spectacular job for the families of The NewYork/Westchester Chapter of NAA during a recent trip to the 1850's farm in Katonah,NY. Coordinated by Farm Manager Sue Moga, farmers and a host of teen volunteers helped to make the day very special for the 83 children and parents who came from the Greater New York area.

The guests initated their visit with self guided tours of this gentleman's country home turned magnificent county park. One of the highlights of the day included a rare opportunity for hands-on encounters with the spring newborns. Many children were able to touch days-old chicks,lambs, pygmy goats and calfs while their animal mothers looked on. In the same barn, a few children even watered "Pineapple" and milked "Jersey Girl," two very friendly cows.

Crafting followed at the picnic tables under the shade trees next to the white country house. The teen volunteers helped each child decorate paper lambs and chicks by using actual sheep wool and chicken feathers from the farm animals.

The children next put their artistic talents to work creating drawings of the sites of the day.One young artist, Henry, drew a vivid red and blue Tom cat from "Tom and Jerry," no doubt inspired by one of the many working mousers living on the farm.

Soon some families shared their picnic lunches while a few kids played frise in the cool grass with a couple of the four yellow and black Lab therapy animals.

Farmer Jonathan drove a tracker which pulled a flatbed hayride of 37 adults, children and two therapy dogs to the beautiful lush green back acres of the farm. While on the ride, the group passed a fenced-in field with two new fauls and their mothers. One dark brown faul, with a white mark down the front of its head, lay taking a nap in the tall grass with the bright afternoon sun warming its body.

"The day was I was just breathtaking," commented Chapter President Sabeeha Rehman with her husband Khalid."This is something our families need and we can't wait to visit next year."

Nancy Gardella

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