Friday, November 13, 2009

Live Posts from the National Autism Conference at Embracing Wellness

I am at the National Autism Conference in Weston, Florida this weekend and I am trying to post short overviews from as many speakers as I can on my blog at Embracing Wellness during or after lectures. Please visit my posts and share with others who might be interested. These are just short summaries of what are long presentations but I hope to convey the positive energy of the conference and give a general overview of what each speaker is sharing. The conference has been great so far.

Here are some highlights so far...
Omega 3's for ASD
Rapid Prompt Method with Soma Makhopadhyay at the NAC
Dr. Julie Buckley - Treating Autism as a Medical Disease
Dr. Dan Rossignol on Assessing and Prioritizing Treatments
Roy Leonardi & Phyllis Musumeci on De-Escalation Techniques to Avoid Restraint
Dr. Theoharis Theoharides on Autism as an Emerging Neuroimmune Disorder

Treasurer and acting Vice President
NAA-New York Metro Chapter

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