Saturday, November 14, 2009

NAA Conference and the How Much Longer Campaign

by Peggy Becker

I was invited by the NAA leadership, along with all the conference attendees, to participate in the How Much Longer Campaign. We were asked to sit in front of a camera and finish the sentence "How much longer.....?"

With 4 of my autism friends, I went to the location. One friend said "How much longer until the federal government spends more on vaccine safety than they do on vaccine promotion?" Another said "How much longer until my son's words will be able to reflect his thoughts?" Another said "How much longer until we can quit banging our heads against the wall, knowing we've been heard, because we're right." My sentence was "How much longer until my 11 year-old son will be able to tell me what his favorite color is?" It was a surprisingly cathartic exercise. I'd love to hear how others would answer this question!

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