Friday, March 5, 2010

Classical Homeopathy and Autism

Pierre Fontaine with Amy Fisch and Sujata Setya

On Feb. 23, Pierre Fontaine gave a fascinating lecture on homeopathy. The audience was riveted as he demonstrated his history taking methodology, and how he elicits key information that leads to the root state. Pierre Fontaine explained how homeopathic remedies are different from biochemical treatment. We are bio-dynamic, and homeopathy directly supports the bio-dynamic system. He explained that illness always manifests itself on the physical, mental and emotional plane simultaneously.

In his first session, Pierre Fontaine interviews the mother or father in a session that can take up to three hours. Yes! Three hours! With targeted questioning Pierre brings one of the parent to a expressive state that brings out the root state of the child. This is a way for Pierre Fontaine to bridge into the child’s problem. Once the root state is determined, the relevant remedy is recommended. Two children presenting with identical symptoms, might be prescribed two entirely different remedies, because their root state is not the same. The remedy is just one pill; or a diluted drop of liquid. The goal of the remedy for ASD children is to achieve spontaneous eye contact, spontaneous speech, and spontaneous interaction. According to Pierre Fontaine, this is the core that needs to be addressed.

The remedy may take effect quickly or may take time. According to Pierre Fontaine, finding the remedy can be the easy part; case management is the hard part. You have to watch and observe the child carefully to achieve reversal. Once the child starts to recover, he or she may display some emotions such as hugging too strongly or speaking inappropriately perhaps because they are unable to deal with their new-found awareness of the external world. These issues generally disappear over time.

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