Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NAA NY Metro Supports Learning Spring School

“Imagine” was the theme of the 2010 Learning Spring School Benefit. Peggy Becker, NAA-NY Metro Secretary, and Kim Mack Rosenberg, NAA-NY Metro Vice President and Treasurer, attended the March 8, 2010 benefit to show NAA-NY Metro’s support for Learning Spring’s unique program.

Learning Spring imagines creating an environment in which each child’s potential can be realized to the fullest and where each child’s unique needs can be met and unique gifts appreciated. However, Learning Spring does not just “imagine” -- it brings what it imagines to fruition, from the bricks and mortar of building a new, state-of-the-art school building into which the school soon will move to nurturing social and academic success in its students through its integrated curriculum. The latter was evident in the two recent Learning Spring graduates who spoke at the benefit. These young people were poised and articulate, despite standing on stage with a microphone, facing hundreds of adults! Each spoke with great affection and respect for their Learning Spring years and the staff who supported them there. I cannot imagine a finer testament to the school than those graduates. They truly personified the “imagine” theme -- imagine what our kids are capable of!

Kim and Peggy enjoyed the opportunity to meet many Learning Spring staff and families, to chat with Director Margaret Poggi, and to share NAA-NY Metro’s mission with those they met.

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