Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scott Smith, PA Answers Parents' Questions

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, attendees at NAA-NY Metro's monthly educational meeting were given a unique opportunity to get answers to specific questions about their own children. Scott Smith, PA, of Full Potential Wellness Center (Edison, NJ), spent over two hours going around the room, answering questions posed to him by the dozens of parents in attendance. Not only were parents given the chance to ask a question about their own child, we also had the opportunity to hear answers about other children that might have relevance to our children. Scott's ability to comprehensively answer questions on a variety of topics - everything from GFCF diet, to mitochondrial issues, to PANDAS - was impressive. He provided strong scientific support for each answer in a way that parents could easily understand and asked followup questions that allowed even more relevant information to each parent.

After several years in practice with Drs. Bradstreet and Rossignol in Florida treating children on the autism spectrum, Scott Smith recently moved north to Edison, NJ and the Full Potential Wellness Center, where he is affiliated with Dr. James Neubrander.

(pictured: NAA-NY Metro President Kim Mack Rosenberg, Scott Smith, PA and Peggy Becker, NAA-NY Metro Vice President/Treasurer)

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