Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Westchester Parent Roundtable on "Wows and Not So Wows on the ASD Journey"

On Monday evening March 21, 2010 approximately 20 parents came together at the Washington Engine Fire Company. The topic for the evening was “Wows and Not so Wows on the ASD Journey”. Parents were greeted by the two NAA NY Metro Westchester sub-chapter’s leaders, Lisa Rudley and Tricia Zarro. Lisa and Tricia asked parents to add topics and questions on the “Topic Board.” Various topics discussed included: detoxification protocols, supplementation, sibling relationships, lyme disease testing and treatment, diet options, neurofeedback, homeopathy, vision therapy, listening therapies and social skill classes. The evening was facilitated in such a way that a parent asked a question or brought up a treatment option. Discussion then proceeded by each attendee sharing their experiences and information about that topic.

Parents shared information and made contacts that will provide them guidance as they travel along their individual ASD treatment journey. The sentiment of the evening could be summed up by one of the facilitators:

“We are each traveling this journey without a road map or GPS. The only way that we can navigate our way through, is to look to each other to share experiences, offer help and give the support that is needed so that our children can reach their full potential.”

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